We’ve got you covered—no pun intended.
 It’s 2022, and people are finally realizing that investing in your sleep is investing in yourself. We all know how important sleep is—we all experience how it affects our mood when we don’t get enough. I can only speak for myself when I say that I’m not the best person to be around if I don’t get my 8 hours in.
 Like many others with chronic sleep conditions—I’ve struggled my entire life with sleep problems, and still do.Through trial and error, I’ve found there are simple things you can do to make your bedtime routine and falling asleep at night easier. For me, switching over to bamboo sheets from traditional organic cotton made a huge difference. Bamboo sheets have made me look forward to getting into bed more, and they’ve also helped me sleep better throughout the night.
It’s no wonder that bamboo sheets have been trending in past years. You may still be wondering whether they’re worth all the hype, and if you should abandon your organic cotton for the bamboo sheet lifestyle.
Let’s break down the top 5 reasons why people are choosing to go bamboo, so that you can decide whether to make the switch.
The Top 5 Reasons to Choose Bamboo
 1. Bamboo sheets are made to last.  
Bamboo sheets are known to be highly durable, and this helps them last. If you take good care of your sheets, they can last up to 15 years or longer. Bamboo sheets are made out of long, thin threads of bamboo that are finely milled so they feel soft to the touch. The sturdiness of the bamboo keeps the sheets from tearing or pilling, which can occur with conventional cotton sheets.
As a fabric, bamboo is strong and made to last. This is a great advantage of switching to bamboo because it’ll save you in the long run. Bamboo sheets can be an investment, but they’ve got your back—literally.
2. Bamboo sheets feel amazing on your skin.
 If you haven’t tried them personally, then you’ll just have to take my word for it.
 When it comes to comparing how soft they are, my bamboo sheets definitely feel softer than Egyptian cotton. This is not surprising, because bamboo fibers in general are softer than cotton fibers. If you have sensitive or irritable skin and find cotton causes problems, then bamboo sheets may be your answer.
 In a blog post comparing the two, one blogger said her 300-thread count bamboo sheets were softer and less expensive than Egyptian cotton at a 2000-thread count.
 3. Bamboo sheets are less expensive than cotton. 
Bamboo sheets feel softer and last longer than traditional cotton, and they’re also less expensive. For the same thread count, you’ll find that bamboo sheets come in at a way lower price point than its cotton counterpart. They can still be pricy, but considering how long they’ll last, how soft they are and their durability, they’re worth the money.
Luckily, there are affordable bamboo bed sheet options available for you to choose from. Sydney’s own SimpleNacks sell their Royal Comfort Blended Bamboo Sheet and pillowcase set for just  , which is a steal considering they are high-quality, premium bamboo bed sheets.
 4. Bamboo sheets are cooler in temperature than cotton.
Bamboo sheets are naturally 3 degrees cooler than cotton. I immediately noticed that they felt cooler on my skin than my cotton sheets. This is why bamboo sheets have become increasingly popular in humid and tropical climates. So, if you’re looking for the perfect bedsheets to get you through those hot summer Aussie nights, bamboo is the way to go.
5. They are better for the environment.
We all know how important and crucial sustainability is. Companies are under immense pressure to reduce their carbon footprints and introduce eco-friendly practices in their businesses. Consumers are also responsible for making eco-friendly choices to help support sustainable corporate behaviour.
Bamboo sheets are the more eco-friendly choice because bamboo trees grow naturally and rapidly, without the need for environmentally harmful pesticides and chemicals. Cotton, on the other hand, require pesticides and other chemicals in order to grow.
 All in all, when it comes to comparing bamboo and cotton, the winner has got to be bamboo. There are so many advantages to choosing bamboo sheets, it’s basically a no-brainer. Try them out for yourselves to feel the difference.
March 06, 2022 — Sammy