Long story short, thread counts does matter but after choosing the material. Bamboo sheets are the best sheets at regulating body temperature and are great for those hot summer nights in Australia. We stock a wide range of bamboo and bamboo blend sheets to suit any bed

What do you consider when purchasing new sheets? Your six year old that needs to get 8 hours sleep so you can get 8 hours sleep? Your partner that doesn’t sleep still if they aren’t comfy? Or you’re run off your feet all day and need a good night’s sleep to keep things turning?

There are many things to consider while purchasing new sheets. These include colour, material, pattern, size, flat or fitted sheet and the list goes on. One important aspect of choosing your bed sheets that is often overlooked is thread count, but is it as important as people make out.

 So what exactly is the term "thread count"?  The thread count of a fabric is a measurement of how many threads were weaved into one square inch of that fabric. You will see it shown on packaging as “2000TC” which indicates a 2000 thread count for that sheet or sheet set. In simple terms, the higher the thread count the “smoother” the sheet might feel when compared to a lower thread count sheet of the same material.

  A lot of people believe that as the thread count increases, the material becomes softer and more robust which is true, however, not the full story. It is true that 2000 thread count sheet in cotton will feel smoother and last longer than a 1000 thread count sheet in cotton. The reason being is that the gaps between the threads are small to get more threads in the same space. However, a 2000 thread count sheet in wool is likely as smooth to touch as a 1000 thread count sheet in cotton. So the real question is, what material do you need in your sheets and then determine the thread count. We recommend at least 1000 thread count to avoid the sheets being rough on the skin and 2000 thread count will provide the longevity you expect of sheets.

 Sheet materials were once limited to natural fibers, however, now also include polyester and other synthetic microfibers which can be produced with significantly higher thread counts. It is worth considering that whilst synthetic sheets are often nicer to touch in the shop, they are not as effective at regulating your body temperature as natural fiber sheets and not wear well.

 So a natural fiber sheet is the best choice for your bed and the best sheets available for a comfortable night sleep are made from bamboo fibers, especially in Australia where hot summer nights can often leave you sweating the night away.

January 13, 2022 — Sammy