Goose Down Quilt Australia

Where can one buy Goose Feather Quilt in Melbourne?

Whilst most of Australia is best suited to our Luxury Bamboo Quilts, in some places such as Melbourne, Hobart or Canberra; a Goose Down Quilt Feather is what you need for those colder months.. At SimpleNacks, we have a wide range of top-quality Goose Down Quilts that will keep you warm in winter. These can then be matched with our wide range of premium Donna covers, available at all price points and shipped free around the country. No matter your Quilt/Doona needs, SimpleNacks has what you need for that better night’s sleep.

What is the difference between a doona, a duvet and quilt?

These days, there is absolutely no difference between any of them. Sometime ago, quilts were used as a cover for your bed but not meant as something you sleep under but more of a decorative feature. Clearly, you need all of them, but they are all one in the same. A blanket on the other hand is also known as throw, which is something you are more likely to have in you loungeroom to keep you warm on the couch then in the bedroom. They can be used to keep you warm in bed too, but are not normally used as part of your bedding. The reason for this is simple, they don’t have a cover like quilts, doonas or duvets which means that when they get dirty, the whole thing needs to be washed. You will also notice that blankets/throws are nicer to touch than a doona, again because they don’t have a cover.