We have all heard how important good sleep is to our general well-being and mental health, we know that exercise and putting down devices sometime before bed best prepares us for a good night sleep. But what about our sleep equipment? You wouldn’t go for a run in thongs any more than you would go for a swim in jeans and your bedding is no different. The base of any good night sleep is a quality and well-suited mattress. We know people who spend $5k on television they watch 3 hours a day and then cheap out on a mattress combo (including sheets, doona and pillows) for $800.  We are not saying that the judge of a good mattress is price, but when it comes to mattress quality, you get what you pay for…

Proper support

A mattress that gives me the perfect night’s sleep may not do the same for you, highlighting the importance of testing a mattress as best you can in the shop. One key part of mattress selection is support, whether you like soft and supple or hard and firm, there is a mattress for you. The inner springs of a mattress is what provides you support whilst you sleep, whilst the mattress padding provides comfort. When testing a mattress, you need to go through all your normal sleeping positions to know if it is suitable for you. If you share your bed as a lot of us do, make sure you take your partner along as it is much their decision as yours.


Even if you shower before bed, after 8 hours you’re a grub… All your body oils, sweat and other secretions are absorbed by your bedding, and if you forgot to buy a mattress protector/topper, your mattress. In Australia, it is normal to wash sheets once a week and sometimes more frequently in summer, however it is important to have a mattress protector to ensure the longevity of your mattress and protect it against any potential bed based mishaps…

Rotation of the mattress side

Not long ago, mattresses could all be flipped to supposedly restore the support of the mattress and give it that “new” feel. This was probably not true and is largely not the case in most quality mattresses these days. One option with modern mattresses to distribute wear and tear is too rotate the mattress rather than flip so your foot end is now at your head end. This works because your center of gravity is usually in the top half of the mattress and will almost double the life of your mattress


It doesn’t take much too care for a mattress and your shouldn’t be afraid of spending more than $5k as a well-cared for, quality mattress can last 7-10 years and will likely include a 10 year warranty. 

December 30, 2021 — Sammy